15 Feb

A Degree with Career Prospects? Study the Degree in Physiotherapy at EUSES-URV

Figures speak for themselves, 90% of the graduates in physiotherapy are currently working. So if you want to study a degree with career prospects, the best option is studying the Degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Health and Sport (EUSES-URV). In the Campus in Terres de l’Ebre, you will get an updated and specialized training. You will be provided with the skills to act and take on responsibilities in different working environments related to health care  from the point of view of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

The academic programme of this degree promotes specific training focused on learning different aspects in physiotherapy, such as: evaluation, diagnosis, development and monitoring of treatment. Cross-disciplinary competences of academic quality will be looked at as well. Moreover, areas such as: rehabilitation, traumatology, rheumatology, sport, ergonomics or neurology are clearly stressed in order to adapt them to our society needs.

From the very beginning, practical learning is considered essential. Therefore, over 50% of the lessons have a hands-on approach. Also, while studying the Degree in Physiotherapy at the Seminari in Tortosa, you will have the possibility of carrying on curricular and non-curricular academic practical placements. It is certainly the best way to have the first contact with the professional world. You can now carry out your practical placement in distinguished centres in physiotherapy treatments in Girona, Barcelona, Terres de l’Ebre and southern France. It must be noted that over 25% of our students have found a job after having completed them.

Finally, another noteworthy aspect of this degree is its teaching team. Most of the Professors combine their teaching job with the clinical side of physiotherapy. So students can take advantage of their experience and high curricular criteria of academical and research excellence. Moreover, in order to help you with any doubt you may have or to develop the career you really aim at, you will count on a service of monitoring and individualized advice and career counselling.

Choose the Degree in Physiotherapy at EUSES-URV, a course with a wide range of career prospects.