We are a university that is willing to provide a learning environment of reference in the field of health and sports, ensuring the anticipation of changes in the social demand of professionals or their training, in order to adapt its training programmes to the new demands of society.

The new stage that the University School of Health and Sport is in is due not only to an internal change, which will provide students with broader, more diverse training adapted to new technologies in the field of sport and health, but also to the role our School wants to play within Catalan society, where we want to position ourselves as a reference university centre in the Girona region, Terres de l’Ebre and also in Catalonia.

In addition, the University School of Sport and Health is working decidedly to open borders to other areas of the Spanish state, as well as northern Catalonia. There is currently a large number of students from these geographical areas.

What we do

We do not want to be exclusively a university, we want to be an open and committed University School, aware that we must contribute to improving the quality of professionals in the coming years that will occupy positions of responsibility according to the new demands of society.

Our programmes are designed to ensure our University School achieves the objectives proposed and prominently placed within the university system.

We seek the prestige and distinction in the range of university and postgraduate degrees offered in a teaching environment of learning and research of the highest quality, also benefiting from a faculty of highly qualified teachers.

Whom we address


The emphasis on materials that enable students to evolve professionally in more technical positions, management positions and social services institutions. One of our distinguishing features is our consideration given to an aspect that often underdeveloped in degrees related to health sciences in Catalonia and which has important consequences in professional practice.


Presenting projects to help meet the impending shortage of professionals in the field of health and sport.


We need the support and help of the private sector to develop and implement projects aimed at the field of health and sports and those which are linked to the social responsibility of the companies themselves.

Student Services

CONFERENCES AND PRESENTATIONS IN THE EUSES, inviting outstanding professionals to explain their vision. Current issues will be addressed and attendees can interact expressing their experiences and opinions.

ROUND TABLES We will conduct discussions on the most relevant current issues, inviting the protagonists themselves.

WORKING LUNCH AND DINNER Meetings where employers of the Foundation explain to companies and institutions the objectives and projects that have been carried out in the EUSES.

ORGANISATION OF EVENTS Companies and institutions have a significant presence.

GRANTING OF AWARDS are granted annually to institutions, companies and individual professionals who have developed the best business strategies or those with the most initiative aimed at the social level and which have helped most to meet the challenges that our Foundation promotes.

BOOK AND STUDIES PRESENTATIONS We will present and support the latest publications and studies related to the training areas of EUSES.

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