8 Jun

EUSES, the University of Health and Sport, provides you with a specialised quality training to guarantee you a future full of opportunities

The main objective of the University School of Health and Sport (Escola Universitària de la Salut i l’Esport – EUSES) is to maintain the excellence and the quality of its studies, thereby ensuring your education and your professional future. EUSES currently offers two degrees from its Salt and Terres de l’Ebre Campuses: the Degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport (SPAS) and the Degree in Physiotherapy. In addition, you can also take the Joint Degree in SPAS and Physiotherapy, a complete and specialised qualification in two highly interrelated fields: that of sport and of health. In the course of these studies, you will study a number of subjects that are essential to both Degrees, allowing you to gain knowledge and skills in both specialties, intimately related to the work environment. It should also be noted that these studies allow you to share teaching staff, learning methodologies, facilities etc., creating work networks and highly positive links between the lecturers and the students in both courses.

The main advantages of studying at EUSES, the University of Health and Sport, include:

  • A top level teaching staff. You will have at your disposal a teaching staff that is specialised in health and sport, made up of qualified professionals who are active in the various occupational sectors, thereby ensuring an education that is complete and constantly updated. In addition, you will have a follow-up service and individualised advice on academic aspects and professional guidance. Moreover, one of the characteristics of the EUSES lecturers is the fact that they are professionally active in the major professional fields of health and sport: teaching, sports performance, health, sports readaptation or management of sports facilities. Many of them work with top-level athletes or attend to well-known professionals in their centres.
  • The ‘learning by doing’ methodology. At EUSES this innovative method of learning is implemented using a perfect combination of theory and practice. Throughout the SPAS Degree and the Physiotherapy Degree you will study up to 50% of practical or theory-practical classes, working on real cases at all times. Some recent examples are the Create a Network project that aims to improve the quality of life of the disabled by means of physical activity and sport; the EUSES-UdG health care project, whose goal is to prevent the risks of suffering from a congenital cardiopathy in patients that can potentially develop it; the PEHC (Physical Education Health and Children), consisting of measuring different variables to assess motor skills in 8 year old children, and the CAS (Clinical Action Sessions), via which the physiotherapy students from the Salt and Terres de l’Ebre Campuses carry out therapeutic treatments in elderly people with few economic resources. Implementing this initiative has been possible thanks to the collaboration agreement signed between the Salt and Tortosa City Councils, the respective primary health care centres and EUSES.
  • Internships at centres that are recognised in the field of health and sport. You will have the possibility of setting up your first contact with the world of work, by completing academic internships in recognised centres in the professional field of health and sport. Of particular interest among these are: FC Barcelona – Department of Performance, Girona FC, CAR of Sant Cugat;  CD Rayo Vallecano in Madrid; Circuit de Catalunya; Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona; CF Reus Deportiu; RCD Espanyol in Barcelona; Nova Elite Sports Innovation (Barcelona); Tortosa Verge de la Cinta Hsopital; Terres de l’Ebre Clinic; Hospital comarcal d’Amposta; Sant Joan de Déu Health Park; Hospital La seu d’Urgell; Hospital Puigcerdà; Hospital Universitario Araba – Osakidetza, among others. The high level of entry into employment from these internships should be stressed; since one out of every four students get their first job via this practicum.
  • Research. The research profile of this young university centre is also one of its characteristics. It is worth mentioning PHAS-Research, a research group recognised by the University of Girona, founded five years ago. In addition, members of the EUSES teaching staff often publish studies and projects related to the latest trends in the field of health and sport.
  • Internationalisation. EUSES strives to offer you more and better job opportunities. For this reason English is being progressively introduced into the course subjects for both Degrees. In this respect, the large number of international exchanges with universities in Europe, the United States and Australia, via the ERASMUS or SICUE mobility programmes should also be noted.
  • Cutting-edge facilities. Both the Salt and Terres de l’Ebre Campuses have top level facilities, so you can study with complete assurance. In addition, you will have at your disposal all the necessary comforts and services: computer rooms, library, lecture hall, multi-purpose room with cloakrooms, café-restaurant; as well as various terraces, indoor patios and common areas.

Lastly, it should be noted that EUSES is committed to innovation and new technologies, applied to health and sport. For this reason it is necessary to highlight the synergies this University has with ENTI-UB, the Video Game University, a pioneer in offering the Degree in Digital and Interactive Content (Developer Degree), the first degree in applied games nationwide; with the Degree in International Physiotherapy (UB Campus), in which e-health is applied to the field of physiotherapy and with the first summer school on Serious Games for Health and Sport from the Harvard Medical School.

In short, EUSES is committed to a holistic and quality education in order to guarantee you a future full of opportunities.