What is EUSES? 

The School of Health and Sport is a university training centre attached to the University of Girona. It currently offers degrees in Physiotherapy, Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and the double degree of Physiotherapy + SPAS. Students of the University of Girona have available all the departments of the university community: Sports Department, Modern Languages Department, access to libraries of different campuses, participation in cultural activities, etc.

What is the Degree in Physiotherapy?

The University Degree in Physiotherapy aims to train skilled professionals to act and take on responsibilities in the different work areas which are related to health from the point of view of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injury.

What is the duration of the studies?

Graduate studies last for four academic years.

What qualification will I get at the end of a Degree in Physiotherapy?

The degree awarded is the Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Girona.

Is it an official qualification?

Yes. It is an official qualification issued by the University of Girona, which allows you not only to access academic training of quality and excellence, but also many international exchange programmes, as well as the subsequent extension and continuation of graduate studies in other countries.

What are the career opportunities?

Career opportunities where a graduate can work as a physiotherapist are vast and varied, both in their specialisations and in their work tasks – given they have the ability to work both independently (self-employed), and within a framework of health as part of a multidisciplinary team (clinics, primary care centres, hospitals …).

The specialisations that are acquired encompass numerous career opportunities such as: Orthopaedics, sports injuries, paediatrics, heart disease, respiratory conditions, ergonomics, neurology, urogynaecology, rheumatology, geriatrics, physiotherapy veterinary…

Why study in EUSES?

EUSES is a university whose main objective is the excellence and quality of its education and training and which ensures the future of its students. It has a team of qualified teachers and professionals that are active in different industrial sectors, thus ensuring a complete education, that is up-to-date and of high quality.

EUSES provides a tracking service and individual counselling for students in academic and vocational guidance issues. Throughout the degree, the university facilitates the learning of English and additional training for students through workshops, seminars and courses developed by experts from different fields of health, as well as the opportunity to participate in research or entrepreneurship or in creating new models of health or health technology development. In addition, it encourages the pursuit of extracurricular activities in various public and private entities so that the student can experience the professional reality first hand. Finally, it offers students a few programmes that can enable the implementation of the last phase of their undergraduate education at international universities of high prestige.

Furthermore, EUSES offers Erasmus or SICUE mobility programmes that allow the student to complete their training in various states or foreign universities.

What is the profile of teachers I will have in the Physiotherapy Degree?

EUSES has a highly qualified teaching faculty, most of which combines teaching with clinical practice providing years of experience in the working world and presents high curriculum standards of academic excellence and research.

What level of English is indicated for the Bachelor degree?

Students entering for the first time to the university from the academic year 2014-2015 must prove, at the end of the studies, a B2 level of English. You can demonstrate the level of English by presenting the following degrees or certificates to the college office:

– English B2 from the Modern Languages ​​Department of the UdG

– Fifth year of the Official Language School.

– First Certificate in English (University of Cambridge)

– TOELF IBT 87-109

– IELTS 5.5-6.5

What are the entry requirements?

To access the physiotherapy course it is necessary to obtain a score equal to or greater than the cut-off score of the academic year in order to enrol.

What Baccalaureate specialities are best in order to pursue the Physiotherapy Degree?

The Baccalaureate specialities we recommend in order to access physiotherapy studies are the Biomedical or Scientific Baccalaureates as the knowledge taught in these specialities are related and serve as the basis of some subjects of the degree. In addition, the subjects of physics, chemistry and biology that are taught in these specialities are weighted 0.2 in the PAU. Still, you can access the Physiotherapy studies through any speciality school.

Is there any recognition for students of Higher Vocational Training?

There is currently no validation carried out for students from Higher Level Training Cycles.

I have another university degree, can I apply for validation?

Students who have completed higher education (without the need to have completed it) in European universities are eligible for the recognition of subjects. This system is advantageous as it allows the institution to recognise the acquisition of prior skills and is an advantage for the student who has attended previous courses, to be eligible for validation processes to streamline the duration and development of their studies.

If I am a high level sports-person, can combine Physiotherapy studies with the competition?

Yes, in the University of Girona there is the University Sports programme that provides academic support from a teacher or tutor to high-level athletes or high performance students that will help you solve compatibility problems of academic life and participation in competitions, rallies or qualifying. To join this programme you must meet the requirements in the following link: [web]

Can I apply for a scholarship to study in EUSES?

Yes. You can apply for general and mobility scholarships offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. At the following link you can check the announcements from last year [web]

What should I do to enrol in the Physiotherapy degree?

To enrol in the Physiotherapy degree you must carry out the inscription through the portal accesnet of the Generalitat of Catalonia ( The period usually begins in the first week of June and ends in the second week.

I am French, German … What should I do to access the degree in Physiotherapy?

Admission for students of the European Union is usually based on the “credential” document that transfers and extrapolates the qualification obtained in other European systems: Allgemeine Hochschulreife in Germany, Baccalauréat in France, Diploma of maturity in Italy, Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs in the Netherlands, etc.

What if I want to continue studying?

EUSES facilitates the further training of students during the academic period through an excellent continuous and varied offer to meet the needs for continued training at a higher level (monographic courses, summer courses, seminars, etc.)

Additionally, EUSES offers the Master’s in Rehabilitation in Physical Activity and Sporting Activity (open to physiotherapists) taught by top professionals which aims to provide specific training for professional practice in the field of post-injury sports rehabilitation, focused on the development of prevention plans, proposed rehabilitation for specific injuries, assessment and control of the process of rehabilitation.