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EUSES works in the training of professionals with a cutting edge methodology to identify, develop and process the physiotherapy, physical sciences and sports activity programmes in order to assist in maintaining and improving technical training and health, welfare and the quality people’s lives.

Students who graduate from the two studies apply the skills acquired to recognise and work on the state and individual progression or on a group of people using the models, methods, procedures, resources and appropriate professional behaviour in every situation.

The adaptation of the curriculum of the Degree in Physiotherapy by students who are already studying the Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport (SPAS) is designed with the idea that they can apply to join the Degree in Physiotherapy with flexibility between first and fourth years of the Degree of Science in Physical Activity and Sport (SPAS) and that they can get both degrees in a minimum of five years.

This training proposal has the advantage of offering two consistent, independent official degrees where students can learn the skills of two specialities with many common and complementary points in the professional field.

SPAS curriculum - Physiotherapy


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